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Our Story

Kendale “Dell” Harris and Albert "Lee" King Jr. met while studying in the electrical and mechanical engineering fields, respectively, at Thaddeus Stevens College in Lancaster. Shortly after discovering that each of them possessed a passion for consuming, producing, and perfecting music, they hit it off and became friends. Focusing on their studies by day, and producing music by night, a strong friendship that would eventually bud into a successful business partnership developed.

After a brief stint of honing their craft in Philadelphia, both Dell and Lee moved back to York city to open Studio 117. Today, they service over 340 clients in and surrounding York County.

Aside from providing excellent audio production services for paying clients, Dell and Lee have been delving deeper into volunteering their time and talents to uplift and better their community. Their primary focus is using technology to teach and mentor a wide range of diverse students from the junior high up to the collegiate level.

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